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Welcome to October, the month where the smells of Autumn (and Hull Fair!) fill the air. This month, please welcome little Ben Young to In the Spotlight, as he tells us a little bit about himself. Read more below:
1. How old are you? ~ I am 5 years old
2. Tell us about you and your family: ~ I live with my mum (Lucy) and my two sisters Frances, 8 and Lauren 16
3. Who is your favourite football team? ~ I supported England during the World Cup!
4. Who is your favourite footballer? ~ Harry Maguire is my favourite
5. How did you first hear about Hull Football Skills Academy? ~ My mums friend at work told her about it!
6. When did you start your football journey with the Academy? ~ I joined in May 2017 when I was 4 years old and come every Saturday
7. What made you stick with HFSA? ~ HFSA makes me feel like I am in a team. My friends are there too!
8. Do you play football in a team? ~ No, not yet but I’d like to 9. Do you have any other hobbies? ~ I like playing with my friends…and playing basketball and tennis
10. What do you think is the best part of your academy sessions? ~ The matches are the best part. I love playing in a match!
11. What is your favourite football skill, and can you do it? ~ I can keep the ball between my ankles and do a forward roll!!
12. What other activities would you like to see at HFSA? ~ More football camp days- they’re great fun!
13. What advice would you give to someone new wanting to join us? ~ Listen to Owen, he’s the teacher!
Mum, Lucy, attends with Ben (and his sister) every week, even when it's super cold! Lucy told us: ~ I think Ben and I have been really lucky to find HFSA. Owen is friendly, personable and makes each child feel like they are important. Ben has tried one or two free “taster” sessions in the area with other coaches because he just loves playing so much but never went back because they are just not as good as HFSA. Owen is fab coach. He takes notice of everyone as they’re playing and it creates a really nice atmosphere… even on a freezing Saturday morning!
There was some great info about you there, Ben! Well done! Keep doing what you do best, and you'll go far :)